The best foods to boost hair growth

foods to boost hair growth

Hair keeps falling out and growing back, and the follicles are constantly creating new hair from the nutrients in the body. Certain proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals are therefore particularly important for strong and healthy hair .

Genetics is a big part of hair loss , but maintaining a balanced diet is the most effective remedy available to us. In the event of a major change in diet, supervised by a healthcare professional, it may take some time before you notice positive results.Here are the recommended foods to protect your scalp and hair follicles.


Eggs are a good source of biotin , a mineral that can help stimulate hair growth . In fact, many hair growth supplements contain biotin. Although, as Medical News Today reminds us , there is a lack of scientific evidence to certify this benefit, you can also find biotin in meat, fish, nuts, sweet potatoes , spinach and broccoli. Eggs, however, are the only ones to also contain other compounds useful for hair growth: lysine, vitamin Dand some minerals.

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are an excellent source of selenium , a mineral that can help stimulate hair growth. However, be careful not to abuse it, at the risk of causing the opposite effect: hair loss. The recommended upper limit for selenium in adults isof 400 micrograms . About four Brazil nuts are enough to reach this limit.

Oily fish

Omega-3 fatty acids are good for the heart as well as for the hair, skin and eyes. In a 2018 study cited by Medical News Today , researchers found that fish oil extract containing an omega-3 fatty acid stimulated hair growth by increasing the activity of certain proteins.

Another small-scale study found that taking omega-3 supplements could reduce hair loss. Oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna , herring and sardines are highly recommended.


Certain amino acids present in protein -rich foods , such as lysine , are said to promote hair growth. This acid can be taken in through supplements , or through the consumption of foods like soy, meat, eggs, beans, lentils, nuts, and spirulina .

Eat less fat

A group of researchers from Tokyo Medical and Dental University used experiments in mouse models to examine how a high-fat diet or genetically induced obesity affects hair.

In their research published in September 2021 , scientists found that obesity causes hair follicle stem cell (HFSC) depletion by inducing certain inflammatory signals . This blocks the regeneration of the hair follicle up to the loss of hair follicles.

“A high-fat diet accelerates hair thinning by depleting HFSCs that replenish mature cells that grow hair, especially in aged mice,” says lead study author Hironobu Morinaga. Before completing: “We compared the expression of genes in HFSCs between mice fed HFD and mice fed a standard diet (…). These mice show faster hair loss and larger hair follicles. small as well as a depletion of HFSCs”. For the future, these results may help to better prevent hair loss.

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