The 12 mistakes that are preventing you from losing weight

losing weight

Losing weight is never easy! Especially with methods that are not sustainable or suitable for your body! In this article we detail the 12 mistakes that prevent you from losing weight and transforming yourself permanently.

Cut fat

Well no ! The body needs fats for the proper functioning of your brain, your heart, your vision, your tendons… But of course, you shouldn’t give it just any fat: there are good and bad fats.

But where to find them have? In salmon, oilseeds or vegetable oils for example! So take note, one of the 12 mistakes that prevent you from losing weight: cut out all the fat!

Cut out carbs

Do you tell yourself that carbohydrates = sugars and that therefore you have to completely eliminate them from your diet to lose weight? Bye bye bread, oats, rice, pasta! Big mistake! Not only will you feel tired, but carbohydrates are used to give us energy in our daily lives. But you will get hungry quickly, you will injure yourself more easily while playing sports, but above all: as soon as you eat carbohydrates again, your body will make reserves and you will get fat! So don’t deprive your body of what it needs every day. It is necessary in small quantity and of good quality.

Forbid food

The moment you think about forbidding yourself these foods you crave them. Hello frustration because yes you want to lose weight but no you do not want to remove all the little pleasures of life! And that’s completely understandable: it’s not sustainable to live with deprivation.

If you want to share a chocolate pancake with your child, do it, treat yourself! Just be aware that it is not with a pancake that you will build your health. But a little pleasure from time to time will do you no harm!

Eat certain foods at will

There was a time when all-you-can-eat foods were all the rage. Doctors, dieticians or even nutritionists have put forward this practice. But no, don’t do that! Your stomach will grow, you will totally disconnect from your hunger, you will no longer support the digestion of certain foods that you have eaten too much…

And the same goes for water. If you say to yourself: “I have to drink 1l of water because I haven’t had enough to drink during the day” and you do it, you will have stomach pains, your body will not appreciate that. Eating all you can eat is one of the 12 mistakes that prevent you from losing weight! So eat everything in the right amounts.

Go on a diet

Diets are no! No matter which one, it’s not durable. You can’t live on diets. Never embark on this misadventure. Diets are indicated in case of pathologies: if you are diabetic for example. You have weight to lose, it’s not a pathology. And even if you are obese, you can lose weight just by eating to be healthy.

Make a cheat meal

Another of the 12 mistakes that prevent you from losing weight is making a cheat meal! This involves eating everything you don’t/no longer allow yourself in one meal once a week. By doing this, you forget everything, you don’t realize what you eat and you lose all notion of well-being and health.

It wouldn’t occur to you to say to your child: “Hey, today is cheat meal! You can eat whatever you want”. We’re willing to bet he’d be sick if he did. Well it’s the same for you too! If you eat something really bad from start to finish, you really aren’t going to do yourself a favor. You will eat too sweet, too salty, too many bad fats. Consequences: your body will not digest well and you will feel bad.

Once again, allow yourself little pleasures from time to time. So we note, cheatmeal is one of the 12 mistakes that prevent weight loss.


” To lose weight ? It is very simple ! I’m going to do sports for 3 hours so it will be 3 times faster, 3 times more effective and I’ll be slimmer 3 times faster! ” But no ! The only thing that will happen is that you will hurt yourself right away. And it will hurt! 🤭

But then how? It’s quite simple: exercise reasonably, regularly. And yes, to be “fit” you have to adopt a healthy overall lifestyle, it does not happen in a snap! It is better to do 15/20 minutes of sport a day than 3 hours once a week.

Do not exercise at all

Obviously, on the other hand, not doing sports is a mistake not to be made! If you decide to lose weight without exercising at all: you will soften.

Especially not doing sports: it’s bad for your health! If you aspire to be in good health, durably, you must play sports, otherwise you put yourself in danger. Your body needs to move even if it’s just 5 minutes a day.

Start fasting

Do you know why to make a young? To detoxify the organs, so they can reconnect with each other. It’s not for weight loss!

The fasts must be well supervised, that of Désiré Mérien is interesting because it allows you to go gradually towards a day of fasting then to return gradually to a normal diet. The goal is to do good to his organs. We always regain the weight we lose during fasting.

Regarding intermittent fasting: it’s not a sustainable lifestyle, I put it in the category of diets. Some people will manage it but it cannot be advised for everyone, and even less for people who are hungry in the morning.

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