6 tips to have long and thick eyelashes

thick eyelashes

The look is the reflection of our personality. Our inner beauty can be read there. In order to intensify and beautify the look, many women use quick and immediate easy solutions: in particular false eyelashes and eye makeup (sometimes even a little too overloaded). If these solutions are effective in instantly obtaining doe lashes, they nevertheless run the risk of further damaging the lashes over time, especially in the case of careless make-up removal. However, a few simple tips can enhance the look that mother nature has given us. Here are 6 tips to have long and thick eyelashes!

Use castor oil

Castor oil is known for its ability to bring life back to lashes that lack volume, are uneven, and are brittle . Ideally, it should be applied every evening after careful eye make-up removal. The product comes in the market in different forms, but the most convenient form is mascara. A few days are enough to appreciate the result. Your eyelashes will be softer, fuller and shinier. Count 45 days of application of castor oil to see the lengthening of your eyelashes by about 2 cm.

You can also apply castor oil to your eyelashes using a cotton swab. You will deposit a few drops there before passing the cotton swab very gently, going from the roots to the tips. However, pay attention to your eyes to avoid contact with the oil!

The high fatty acid content of castor oil maintains the health and proper functioning of cells that contribute to eyelash growth. We validate!

Serums to give your eyelashes a boost

There are eyelash serums whose components are 100% natural. They are recommended for eyelash maintenance. If the castor oil serum is in the list of these serums, other natural ingredients are recognized, such as ginseng for example.

A quality serum can be recognized by its components. The first secret of the product’s effectiveness is prostaglandin or its derivatives. These chemicals act like hormones, thus lengthening and renewing eyelashes. Then, Black Sea rod oil, extracted from a kind of coral called “the black rod”, contains bio-lipids. These are very beneficial elements for eyelashes, as they ensure their rapid development. It only takes 6 to 10 weeks to see the result.

Want to have doe eyes without makeup? Make the right choice of growth serums and fortifying serums to thicken your eyelashes. Luxéol is for example a good booster promising long and dense eyelashes! Kikilash is also another type of growth activator serum for eyelashes, or our favorite: that of Mavala

Avoid rubbing your eyes

The eyelashes, whose normal length is measured at a third of the length of the eye , protect the cornea from possible drying out. The length of the eyelashes of the upper eyelids is estimated to be between 8 and 12 millimeters and those of the lower eyelids between 6 and 8 millimeters. Those of the upper eyelids are more provided. There are no less than 150 to 200 eyelashes per eyelid! Those of the lower eyelids have between 50 and 150 eyelashes.

Eyelashes are delicate. There are precautions to take and actions to avoid to preserve them. Above all, do not rub your eyes, let alone rub your eyelashes with cotton or your fingers. You don’t have to pull your eyelashes either. Avoid this kind of habit if you want to promote their growth and densification.

The infallible trick: the eyelash curler

For an aesthetic purpose, the eyelash curler, this rather impressive little instrument, in the shape of scissors which is used to round the shape of the eyelashes, opens the eyes incredibly. It has been used since the 1930s. You curl your lashes without any makeup. We can never repeat it enough: you never curl your eyelashes with your eyes made up! All you have to do is curl your bare eyelashes to give them a full, attractive look. The eyelash curler naturally makes the look irresistible.

There are heated eyelash curlers and cold eyelash curlers. These are in the form of pliers. You have the choice between these two types of eyelash curlers, but it is better to use the cold tool if you dream of long and thick eyelashes. We recommend, for example, the Revlon model sold in pharmacies, or even that of Mac, makeup specialists.Absolutely have long eyelashes

The trend of the moment: eyelash enhancement

This trendy technique perfectly replaces mascara. Non-fans of make-up appreciate this new trend, which thus plays the role of an eyelash curler. Natural effect guaranteed! We use a domed mini-patch made of silicone that we place on the eyelid. The eyelashes are glued to it using a specific product. The curve of the eyelashes thus marked, a fixer is used to fix it. A pause time is observed before taking off the whole thing using a physiological serum. The result lasts at least four weeks.

If you want to enhance your eyelashes, you can always learn the technique on your own, but we strongly suggest that you go through a beautician to avoid any risk and eye irritation.

It’s no secret that makeup can be a big boost to enhance your eyes. Some products, in particular mascara, will be of great help to you for doe eyes. We present three examples of famous mascaras for doll eyelashes:

This volumizing mascara will enhance your look by lengthening your lashes. The product contains ultra-black Carbon Black pigments and illuminating powders. Easy to apply, it wonderfully separates the eyelashes.

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